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Winmate's E Series is an enterprise-class PDA with powerful mobile computing solution. The E430 & E500 Series PDAs bring a new level of flexibility, functionality, and rugged design to pocket-sized mobile devices.

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Utilizing the latest develops in battery management, Winmate Rugged Tablets combine extended battery life, ruggedness and software AP capabilities for outstanding field performance.

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Winmate's FM08 and FM10 Series Vehicle Tablets are rugged, road-tested tablet PCs for truck fleets, warehouse fork-lifts, inventory control centers, emergency response vehicles and much more.

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Why Winmate Technology

Winmate's Rugged PDAs and Rugged Tablet PCs are enterprise-class mobile devices with powerful scanning and computing options, bringing a new level of flexibility, functionality, and rugged design to mobile data capture and authentication solutions.

  • Rugged: Built to flourish in the elements, Winmate's rugged PDAs and Tablet PCs set the standard by which rugged mobile devices are measured.
  • Versatile: Winmate mobile devices support a variety operating systems and wireless communication paradigms.
  • Powerful: Using extensive API software support, Winmates rugged PDAs and Tablet PCs are easily configured in Enterprise applications.

Let MetaDolce Technologies assist you in understanding and choosing the WinMate solution that best meets your application, timeline and budget.

Winmate Solutions


Winmate's E Series are enterprise-class rugged PDAs with powerful mobile data collection options.


Winmate's rugged tablets are powerful solutions for maximizing manufacturing processes.


Winmate's FM08 & FM10 Series rugged vehicle-mouse tablets streamline mobile data processing in the trucking, manufacturing and emergency response industires.