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Signotec LCD Signature Capture Pads include color and monochrome models in a wide range of shapes and sizes, specifications and applications.

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SignoPAD API's, available for both Windows and JAVA platforms, allow customization of Signotec Signature Capture Pads including branding, messaging, workflow, signature format and data output specifications.

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Sign PDF documents by hand with SignoSign2 Software. Captured signatures are integrated directly into digital workflows. Compatible input devices include Signotec Signature Pads and Apple iOS devices.

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Electronic Signature Solutions

Available from MetaDolce Technologies, Signotec GmbH electronic signature solutions incorporate signature capture pads,
pad customization software, application and platform specific software, and complete integration support.

E-Signature Software

  • Configure Pad branding and presentation
  • Assign e-signature capture operations
  • Define integration into workflow
  • Available API's (Windows & JAVA)

E-Signing PDF's

  • Sign PDF Documents (Pad & Tablet)
  • Cuts storage and retrieval costs
  • Signed PDF's integrated into e-workflow
  • E-Signatures and secure and binding

'Advanced' E-Signatures

  • E-signature linked to signer
  • Capable of authentication
  • Signee maintains sole control
  • Unique to document signed

Why Electronic Signatures?

Signotec GmbH is one world's leading providers of electronic signature solutions, supplying capture pads, signature software customization through readily-available Windows and JAVA API's. The main benefits of deploying and enterprise-wide Signotec's electronic signature solution include:

  • Lower Costs: Use an enterprise-deployed electronic signature solution to reduce your document handling, storage and retrieval costs.
  • Raise Productivity: Every day, another business process is digitized to increase productivity. Electronically-signed documents remove one of the last barriers--turning paper-trails into digital workflows.
  • Security & Authentication: While streaming across enterprise digital workflows, documents signed with electronic signatures enable signor identification, signor authentication, and document revision verification.

MetaDolce Technologies will help you understand which solution meet your electronic signature needs, and what components, software customization and installation requirements will be involved, so that your integration will stay on time-line and withing budget.

Signotec Products


Signotec supplies e-signature capture pads to retail, mobile sales force, asset management, healthcare, education and government institutions.


Signotec's signature software is available in Windows and JAVA based API's, to customization pad presentation, operation, and enterprise workflow integration.


New from Signotec, the SignoSign2 software enables the electronic signing of PDF documents; with e-signatures digitally attached for document authentication.