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The ability to capture hand-written signatures electronically is perhaps most important than in financial sector including banking, insurance, invenstment and lending institutions. Brand signature pads for your brick and mortar stores save time and money related to document printing, mailing and storage with Signotec electronic signature solutions.

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The ability to create, sign and access documents quickly worldwide is the hallmark of today's IT corporate sector. Whether server-based or enterprise-driven, signed corporate documents must be secure, verifiable and authenticatable: requiring an e-signature solution that is device agnostic, scalable and readily customized. See Signotec's SignoPad API's and Plugins for integrated server-based, desktop, tablet and mobile device e-signature solutions.

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Upon welcoming customers to a professional office or high-end retail store, securely record their presence and time-of-arrival using Signotec electronic signature solutions. s from Signotec. .

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Why Electronic Signatures?

The integration of electronic signatures into server- and enterprise-level document data systems offers tremendous advantages. Since they no longer need to be printed, signed digital documents are more secure. Their speed of access worldwide is in Milli-seconds; and they they no longer need to be physically stored. But to replace the hand-signing of paper documents with the electronic signing of digital ones, your sSignature solution must produce, store and retrieve electronic signatures that are secure, verifiable, and authenticatable.

  • Secure: Signotec solutions provide the most accurate, reliable and secure method of capturing a signature--in the form of raw pen events. Signotec signature data streams contain no images or analysis of the signature, and cannot be copied, viewed or referenced since there is no embedded image. Since all original captured pen events are present in the e-signature itself, however, a forensic expert can later examine it point-by-point using specialized signature analysis software.
  • Verifiable: For the sake of privacy and enforceability, an electronic signature must remain under the “sole control of the signer” to be valid under the national ESIGN electronic commerce law. Satisfying this requirement, Signotec electronic signatures are linked in the form of data streams into the relevant document directly, with no interlopers or copies, and then bound to the document in such a way as to render document tampering detectable.
  • Authenticatable: If a signature cannot be attributed to the purposed signatory, it is worthless. Electronic signatures are no exception. Signotec solutions produce electronic signatures that are directly authenticatable to person signing. In other words, they are not only secure and verifiable, they are legally binding.

Through out partnership with Signotec, MetaDolce Technologies is ready to design a solution to meet your electronic signature needs: including components, software customization, installation requirements, integration timeline and cost, and quality assurance.

Signotec Products

Signature Pads

Signotec supplies e-signature capture pads to retail, mobile sales force, asset management, healthcare, education and government institutions.

Signature Software

Signotec's signature software is available in Windows and JAVA based API's, to customization pad presentation, operation, and enterprise workflow integration.

PDF Document E-Signatures

New from Signotec, the SignoSign2 software enables the electronic signing of PDF documents; with e-signatures digitally attached for document authentication.

eSignature Solutions

Signotec electronic signature solutions incorporate signature capture pads, pad customization software,
application and platform specific software, and complete integration support.

E-Signature Software

  • Configure Pad branding and presentation
  • Assign e-signature capture operations
  • Define integration into workflow
  • Available API's (Windows & JAVA)

E-Signing PDF's

  • Sign PDF Documents (Pad & Tablet)
  • Cuts storage and retrieval costs
  • Signed PDF's integrated into e-workflow
  • E-Signatures and secure and binding

'Advanced' E-Signatures

  • E-signature linked to signer
  • Capable of authentication
  • Signee maintains sole control
  • Unique to document signed