Welcome to MetaDolce Technologies, Inc.

Through global partnerships with the world's leading technology innovators,
MetaDolce Technologies is pleased to provide the industry's most advanced mobile data capture solutions.

Winmate Rugged PDAs & Tablets

Through a global relationship with Winmate, MetaDolce is positioned to provide the most rugged, secure and reliable mobile devices available.

Winmate's E430 and E500 Series Rugged PDAs are comprised of enterprise-class PDA models with powerful mobile computing data capture and computing solutions.

The Winmate M800BW and M101 series tablets offer a wide range of tools for mobile data collection, including 1D & 2D barcode and RFID card reader options.

The Winmate FM08 and FM10 Vehicle Tablets offer a wide range of vehicle-mount solutions for shipping fleets, warehouse operations and emergency response vehicles.

Aratek Fingerprint Smart Terminals & Scanners

MetaDolce Technologies is pleased to introduce Aratek's full line of biometric Smart Fingerprint Terminals and Scanners.

Aratek's family of biometric Fingerprint Smart Terminals is designed for enterprise/network identification and access applications, supported by secure network software platforms and developer SDKs.

Aratek's family of Biometric Fingerprint Scanners includes optical, capacitive and live fingerprint scanning solutions, supported by secure network software platforms and developer SDKs.

Bluebird Rugged Handheld Terminals

Through a global relationship with Bluebird, MetaDolce is positioned to provide the most advanced, secure and reliable handheld terminals available.

The rugged BIP-1500 Series is designed to meet growing demands between enterprise mobility (AIDC) and payment industries.

The BM180 Smart Handheld Terminal features the world's largest rugged handheld touchscreen, running Android Windows Embedded operating systems.

The rugged, durable BP30 captures data via built-in scanners, securely transmitting it over the world's wireless networks.

BI2 Technologies Iris Scan Solutions

BI² Technologies (Biometric Intelligence and Identification Technologies) is an award-winning and recognized leader in the development and implementation of cost-effective, multimodal biometric identity management solutions.

The Inmate Identification and Recognition System (IRIS) positively identifies prison inmates and their visitors.

This mobile, handheld biometric device can recognize and identify people based on iris of the eye, face or fingerprint.

A national database that registers convicted sex offenders using the iris.

AsReader iPhone Barcode & RFID Scanners

Partnering with AsReader, MetaDolce provides a complete family of advanced Barcode Scanner and RFID Reader/Writer iPnone accessories.

Turn your iPhone® into an advanced Barcode scanner. Allows continued use of iPhone ® / iPod touch ® features. AsReader functions as a low-cost handheld terminal.

AsReader's RFID Reader/Writer iPhone sleds feature an ultra-compact design for easy carrying and handling, with exceptional performance in rugged environments.

Signotec Electronic Signature Solutions

Through our relationship with Signotec GmbH, MetaDolce provides the most secure and seamless electroncic signature solutions available.

Signotec LCD Signature Capture Pads include color and monochrome models in a wide range of shapes and sizes, specifications and applications.

Decrease your document handling, storage and retrieval costs. Deploy Signotec's signoSign/2 software across your enterprise to enable hand-signing of PDF-documents.

Vertical Markets Worldwide

MetaDolce currently supplies mobile data capture solutions to enterprise, government, financial and utility customers, as well as to distributor and reseller channels in more than 100 countries. Vertical market segments for MetaDolce solutions include the following: