Global Supply & Service

Through our industry partners, Aratek, AsReader, BI2 Technologies, Bluebird and Signotec GmbH, MetaDolce provides leading-edge mobile data capture solutions and product distribution, worldwide.

Supplying Global Solutions

The global transition from paper documents to digital data streams is moving at the speed of light. To supply corporate, government, medical and educational markets with the latest data capture solutions, MetaDolce Technologies partners with industry leaders specializing in mobile data capture, electronic signature, and handheld terminal devices and applications. Through these relationships, we supply advanced mobile data solutions, worldwide.

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Fingerprint Smart Terminals & Scanners

With millions of customer installations worldwide, Aratek's products are used for governments, law enforcement agencies, banks, retailers and other enterprises to mitigate risk, drive productivity and improve service levels.

Aratek's Fingerprint Smart Terminal and Fingerprint Scanner solutions are developed through consultative expertise, refined practices and the application of advanced biometrics technologies. More information on Aratek products is available at

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Mobile Scanners

(for Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)

AsReader Incorporated, maker of barcode scanner and RFID reader/writer accessories for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch, implements advanced IT solutions that satisfy customer expectations while contributing to the progress and development of mankind and society.

AsReader's Barcode Scanner and RFID Reader/Writer products provide low-cost mobile data collection using today's leading mobile and wireless communication technology.

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BI2 Technologies

Iris Scan Identification Solutions

BI² Technologies (Biometric Intelligence and Identification Technologies), a privately held corporation located in Massachusetts, is an award-winning and recognized leader in the development and implementation of cost-effective, multimodal biometric identity management solutions.

BI² Technologies’ created and maintains the only national, web-based iris biometric network and database. More information is available at

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Rugged Handheld Terminals

Bluebird is a designer and producer of Pidion handheld mobiles with headquarters in Seoul, Korea. By listening to voice of markets, we are able to deliver rich opportunities for our channel partners and best TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) solutions to our customers.

Our rugged handheld computers are uniquely positioned to serve both the enterprise mobility (AIDC) and payment industries. More Bluebird product information is available at


Signotec GmbH

E-Signature Solution Provider

Signotec is a market and technology leader in the field of electronic signature capture. Hand-written signatures, captured with Signotec pads or tablet PCs, are instantly integrated digital documents--optimizing the speed and reliability of business processes.

Eliminating physical document storage and retrieval costs, Signotec solutions are secure, binding, and instantly review-able for verification. More Signotec product information is available at



Rugged Handheld PDAs & Tablet PCs

Winmate's E Series is an enterprise-class PDA with powerful mobile computing solution. The E500 series PDA brings a new level of flexibility, functionality, and rugged design to pocket-sized mobile devices, providing task workers and managers a powerful solution to streamline business processes.

Winmate's M-series rugged tablet PCs combine ruggedness, visibility, fanless operation, and software AP capabilities supporting this new Rugged Tablet PC product line (