Mission & Values

MetaDolce Technologies, Inc. is a worldwide provider of Mobile Data Capture and E-Signature Solutions to enterprise, government, and channel partners in over 100 countries. Through a network of over 30,000 resellers, VAR's and integrators, we serve as the solution facilitator and product distributor for industry-leading Biometric and Electronic Signature solution providers.

Providing data capture and integration services worldwide to organizations transitioning from paper to digital workflows, MetaDolce currently supplies these solutions:

  • Multi-data capture tablets and handheld devices
  • Electronic signature capture pads, software, and integration services
  • Mobile identity-verification and authentication terminals
  • Iris Identification Scan soluitons with national database support

Goals Defining Our Culture

  • Maintain transparency in customer communications
  • Set clear customer goals, specifications and expectations
  • Provide only the most advanced, secure and robust data solutions
  • Supply deliverables within established timelines and budgets
  • Provide world-class products, services and support

Our Solutions


MetaDolce supplies Aratek's full line of biometric Fingerprint Smart Terminals and Fingerprint Scanners, with network software platform and developer SDK support.


MetaDolce supplies complete electronic signature solutions including Signature Capture Pads, software API's, and SignoSign2 E-Signature Software from Signotec.


MetaDolce is pleased to provide Bluebird rugged mobile data capture computers, plus AsReader Barcode Reader and RFID Reader.Writer solutions.


Though partnership with BI2 Technologies, MetaDolce is pleased to provide Iris Scan identification products support by national database solutions.