Aratek Biometric Authentication Kiosk - RZT100

Aratek Biometric Authentication Kiosk (RZT100)

Multi-factor identity authentication kiosk

The RZT-100 multi-factor identity authentication kiosk features fast fingerprint and facial enrollment and verification. The self-service kiosk with Internet data transmission facilitates real time ID authentication locally and remotely. RZT-100 is widely applicable in any field requiring strong and fast identity authentication.

  • Facial Recognition: High resolution wide angel lens adopted, fast face enrollment and verification supported.
  • Fingerprint Verification: Fast fingerprint enrollment and verification, works well with dry, wet and rough fingerprint. Capable of fake finger rejection.
  • Card Reading: RFID card reading, easy access to data stored in card.
  • Voice Guide: Tips for using steps, shooting position and facial expression to facilitate quick authentication.
  • Image Quality Determination: Quality control to select the best quality fingerprint and face images.
  • Thermal Printer: High performance thermal printing technology adopted, convenient and fast.
  • Freestanding & Move-able: Sturdy yet moveable, can place it anywhere or put it at a particular fixed spot.

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